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OBS Configuration for Periscope Producer
Canva - Free tool to make your broadcast POP!
Getting artwork into OBS!

This course is Hot and expanding everyday!

Not A Webinar!

We want to drive VALUE!  

Have special requirements or objectives for your personal broadcast?

Want to brand your tribe?

Want help on how to drive eyeballs which have hang time in your broadcast?

That is the purpose of this course!

Who should use Periscope Producer?

If you are an avid scoper, have 100 live viewers per broadcast.  Do you have an existing group of followers and replay viewers?  Have you formatted your message to increase engagement and viewers which have long hang-time?  

If you have refined your messaging to do just that, Periscope Producer just adds more horsepower to what you have already done.

Using Periscope Producer is making a statement to your existing audience and is seperating you from the majority of broadcasters.

The message?  I am committed to you, come and learn about me and the value I provide.  Which translates into...

Massive increase in eyeballs.

Longer viewer hang-time.

Higher Engagement (Comments, Hearts, Shares, Invites and Follows)

A way to reinforce your message by driving your value right in the broadcast.  

Frequently asked questions.

1. Sounds great, but does this require alot of technical knowledge?

One of the benefits of Periscope is that it is so EASY to use.  Type a title, startbroadcast and you are now live gaining viewers and followers.  If you can use a keyboard, mouse we made it easy for you.  No, you don't need to know what the left mouse button does.


2. Do I need to buy anything else?

Hopefully you have a laptop or tablet of some type in addition to the smartphone you use to broadcast.  Other than that, we have provided you with the benefit of our experience to take advantage of countless free tools and resources.  So, no, nothing more to buy.  Unless, you are creating a plan to really blow the doors off of Live Streaming.  In that case, we help you identify your future purchases when you get that most coveted additional revenue.


3. I heard that Periscope only released the Periscope Producer for iOS users.  I have Android, can you help?

Absolutely.  Until Periscope makes the service inside of Periscope settings available, we provide you with training on what to do until they make that change.  No need to wait!

4. Will you answer specific questions or targeted lessons?

The team that has pulled this together are existing broadcasters with diverse objectives on the Periscope platform.  They want to maximize the value of the social engagement and support the community.  Yes, we will be introducing a Private Facebook community where we can assist in branding for Tribes and special Broadcasting tricks to help further elevate the production quality.

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