Look at the results and listen to me. The racist, nationalist French National Front just accepted Stephen Bannon from Breitbart’s invitation to work together. Bannon is currently a leading figure in Trump’s White House transition effort after deep involvment with his campaign. He will soon have a branch of Breitbart in Europe and Trump will soon have an ideological ally in France. The National Front already receives a third of the French popular vote, and that was before Trump was elected. This is how organized, how intelligent our opponents are. You are not matching them because unlike you, they are formulating their hypothesis to suit the new reality.

Even before Trump’s election, there were already egregious signs of a lack of political education even from the most adulated of digital privacy figures: Lord Edward of Snowden, First of His Name, Bringer of the Stone Tablets from the Mount NSA Powerpoint Slideshows, asked his supporters to vote third option. This incredibly fruitless political encouragement, which was retweeted more than 7,000 times and covered in news media, legitimate or otherwise, is further encouraging the notion that these are the sorts of ambassadorial perspectives that the digital privacy clan holds. Snowden frequently expresses equally childish political advice, in public, on a Twitter account. And yet, denouncing Snowden for the political ignoramus that he is is considered blasphemy. Here is my claim: one act of noble political conscience, no matter how historic, will not excuse you for a lifetime of linearly increasing public political vapidity, and most especially not in these new times where political lucidity is in dire demand and in short supply.

I’ve been in this sphere for six years. Micah Lee and other digital advocates are respected friends. In writing this post, I am ruthlessly gnashing my fangs at actual colleagues. I do this because intellectual laziness, coupled with in-group ingratiation, must not stand. It defeats the intellectual fitness we need to survive in these new times. Diplomacy isn’t my job, and I can’t be more thankful that I understand my role as well as I do. I hope they will understand the meaning of my message and the urgency with which I present it.